Plane CG
Wing Area

Painting Invasion Stripes - EASILY!!

Bomb Drop system for Parkzone P-47

Solution Build Thread

Solution camera mounts

Slow Stick Wing MOD - for wider span and more lift!! AP wing!! 
Slow Stick Camera Mount 
Plexiglass Camera mounts and construction
Convert a PC Power Supply to a 12V high amp charger Power Supply 
Convert a AT Power Supply
Convert an ATX or an AT Power Supply 

Electric motor/esc/battery setup guide



DX6i Elevon programming guide

DX6i - Helicopter programming guide

DX-7 Helicopter programming guide

DX-7 Manual  this is a ,pdf file

DX-7 Programming guide - this is a .pdf file


Optic 6 manual  This is a .pdf file

Optic 6 tutorial guide - in ,pdf form


Other Docs of interest

Accucell 6 instruction guide.



R/C Cars - Trucks
Mini-T Modification standard Losi servo for Hitec-HS-81