Slow Stick Camera Mount 
Made from lexan sheet cut into 1.5" wide strips and slotted or tabbed to fit together around any camera. I fitted all the pieces and then hot glued them together to make the mount. The slotted pieces allow the mount to be quickly changed from a forward to a side to a straight down angle for pictures.
Here is the finished mount attached to the stick using old stick mounting parts. The actual "stick" which the lexan mount is glued to is totally removable. The tabbed lexan allows this camera mount to be mounted forward view, side view, or straight down view for pictures. 
This setting is the forward view. Just un clipping the tabs and turning the mount and re inserting the tabs allows a total change of camera angle. 
Here is the mount - dis-mounted! 
Two slotted pieces at different angles allow for the different angles of the mount to be easily accomplished in just a few seconds. Also note the nylon mounting "bolt" which attaches the camera to the mount through the tripod mounting hole.
Top view showing the crude but effective servo mount. Hot glue works like a charm! 
Here is the mount with a spare tabbed piece in place. All that is necessary is to secure this piece where ever the camera needs to be mounted and then just slide the tabs into the slotted mount and go fly! 
Same view with the tabbed piece removed for clarity. This tabbed piece is what is securely mounted to the plane and then just "tabbed" into place on the camera mount. Hey it ain't pan and tilt - but it works for the Slow Stick and allows three different camera angles with one mount which doesn't weigh a lot!