To start this little tutorial you will need a few items. Black and White spray paint. A roll of paper towels. Some water.

The images are thumbnails and you may see the image in larger format just be "clicking" it.



Start with your wing - wipe it down so that it is clean of oil, dirt, and ready for paint.

Mark the TOTAL area you wish the invasion stripes to take up with a pencil - very lightly - just so you can see the marks.

Invasion stripes were bands of white - black - white - black - and white from the leading edges of the wings to the trailing

edges. Usually about 1.5 feet wide for each stripe. You will need to figure YOUR applicable scale and mark front and rear



Now that the area is marked - starting with the fuse - wet a paper towel and lay its straight edge along the mark next to the

fuse so that the long straight edge of the paper towel covers the wing from leading edge to trailing edge in a straight line.

Repeat the process for the outer mark and lay the wet paper towel so that the straight edge is from leading edge to the

trailing edge along the mark for the outer edge of the invasion stripe.


The wet (damp enough to "stick" to the wing surface but not dripping wet!) paper towels in the OUTER most position.

The paper towels MUST be aligned front to rear straight!

When the paper towels are in place and are damp enough that the edges ARE stuck to the wing's surface then you are ready

to spray the area between the towels WHITE. If there is ANY chance of overspray hitting the fuse or outer wing tip then cover tham

with damp paper towels BEFORE you spray any paint. The paint will NOT adhere to the damp paper towels so it acts like masking

tape but will NOT remove any of the current surface of your wing!


Paint the white to opacity. When you are satisfied let the white paint dry completely.

Your wing should look like this - BUT DO NOT REMOVE THE PAPER TOWELS JUST YET!!


Now you are ready for the black stripes.


Add a center piece of paper towel. What I did to get straight edges was to cut a sheet so that the two outer edges formed my

stripe. I wet them and overlapped them so that the edges were aligned and perfectly straight and each side was spaced correctly..


If necessary re-dampen the paper towels so that all edges are adhering  to the wing's surface (overspray and paint creep are not

wanted now!!) Now you are ready to spray the Black stripes. It will not take much as the black will overcoat the white easily!

As soon as the black paint is down on the wing you can remove the paper towels and allow the invasion stripes to dry completely

or do the opposite side!!



This process MUST be repeated 4 times to get the job done on the wing. It is also a very easy way to do the rear fuse section too.

Use the same straight edge wet paper towel method for adding ant paint to almost any model!