10/01/07 Flying at Calico Dry Lake
10-02-07 Tuesday flying 
Eindeker in flight
More Eindeker in flight
Hard to see - but it's there - flying!
Trying to get closer!
Close - looks farther away than it was! DUCK!!
10/09/07 and 10/10/07 
Pictures courtesy of Nick Keating - taken with a Canon Rebel EOS Digital
This is one of MY baby shots from the Slow Stick in the air.
10/15/07 Beautiful morning for flying - pictures of Nick's foamy "Home Plate" in the air from the air!
10/19/07 New Camera - Canon S400 4.0 mp so pics are a little better - same subjects just better pics - I hope!!

Nick - fooling around - I only crash HIS airplanes!!