11/01/07 and 11/02/07
11/08/07 Flying foamies and Maidening Spitfires - the Spit pics are a little far away and it was going pretty fast - but it flew great!!
Here is a link to the terrible video of the Spitfire taking off and flying - didn't get the landing on video though but it was good! I'm just not very good at video yet!
Here are some pictures of our day of flying - stills of the Spit are much better!!
V-Tail EDF warmup flight for Jim!
Range checking the Spitfire! 
Control surfaces testing. 
Taxi out for takeoff. 
Approach. Barely visible in V of mountains! 
Ahhhh - the successful flight landing!!! 
11/16/07 Jim - Mark - Bill   Everybody flies!!