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Tom Cooper's GWS ME-262 on it's maiden flight at Calico on 04/09/2012.


Bob Cobb flying his D VII at Calico 03/23/2011.


This is a little fun time lapse photography I compiled into a video of flying at Calico dry lake. a photo every 15 seconds over a period of a couple of hours.


Superfly flying at Calico. This is my Superfly in flight - as recorded by a keychain cam attached to the nose!


Me flying my P-47 at Calico and Tom Cooper recording the video!!


Tom Cooper's maiden flight of his Orline models Dewyville Special more affectionately known as "The Lumber Yard"!


 Me flying the HABU at Calico on 06/26/2010 - I was nervous!! LOL!!


Me flying the E-Flite Stearman PT-17 at Calico. Note the picture perfect landing at the end.


My Hangar 9 model Fokker D VII on it's maiden flight at Calico.