The following links will display pictures taken during the Ace-In-The-Hole all electric event held in Las Vegas during the month of October of 2010.

I am a rank amateur photographer so the pictures are NOT perfect.

The pictures were shot with a Canon XS 1000D using the kit 18-55mm AF lens.

This page is under construction and new links will be added as I have the time to create them.

ALL of the pictures are in THUMBNAIL so clicking on them will get you a larger version.


Here are some of the good ones "cropped" from Vegas AIH 2010 ---- CLICK HERE

Andy's (falcon5 on RC Groups) fabulous F-4 Phantom ---------------- Click Here

Bernie's C-17 - a real WOW!  ---------------------------------------- Click Here

A cammo covered F-22 ----------------------------------------------- Click Here  

Brent (Corsair Nut on RC Groups) fabulous F-86 --------------------- Click Here

Nitro Planes Airfield P-51 --------------------------------------------- Click Here

John Morgan's wonderful B-24 Liberator ------------------------------ Click Here

Corsair Nut's P-51 ---------------------------------------------------- Click Here

 Pre-Production Flight of the Phase 3 model of the U-2 ---------------- Click Here

Darrin's Beautiful WWI replica FE8 ----------------------------------- Click Here

Darrin's equally beautiful WWI BE 12a -------------------------------- Click Here

Every event should have a FUNKY CHICKEN ---------------------- Click Here

A BH Hobbies Ryan STA model carried by Hobby People ----------- Click Here

Fighter at the start of WWII - BEAUFIGHTER ---------------------- Click Here

Darrin's very scale slow flying JENNY -------------------------------- Click Here

Pre WWI scale plane ------------------------------------------------- Click Here

Pre WWI  Passenger plane ------------------------------------------- Click Here


The VENDORS ----------------------------------------------------- Click Here

Single planes or planes without enough good pictures for a page ------ Click Here