The following are examples of the plexiglass camera mounts and plates actually mounted to aircraft. I currently only have the Mountain Models Magpie (been severely crashed 5 times - rebuilt completely and STILL very serviceable!!) and my most current AP plane the (Mike Powers design) Solution. I finally relented on the Solution and just covered the mounting surfaces with velcro. It works unbelievably well!! I have included these photographs to exhibit the mounts and also to show some of the mods made to my planes.



Solution modded. Velcro covering the nose for plate mounting. Easy adjustments! Also note the two adjustable angle wire holders - the wire is in the top one in the photo but the bottom angled one can be seen too.


Pretty clean lines. Believe me when I say that the Solution does NOT know that a P&S camera is on board!!


Magpie loaded.


Magpie again.


Solution with the plate and camera mount mounted along with video. Also please note my motor mount mod. It is a STICK grooved into the top of the fuse at the angle of the original mount. I also use a GWS stick mount to give me extra clearance. That is a 1170 DD prop and it gets nowhere near the camera lens!! LOL!!


Tried for a lower shot to show that the landing gear gives plenty of clearance. This plane is so lightly loaded though it takes an intentional grounding in hard wind to make the fuse bottom out. BTDT!!


Front view of the Magpie showing landing gear clearance and protection.


Side view. Almost forgot - please note the motor mount. It is a STICK and GWS stick mount. Stick was grooved into the top of the fuse at the same motor mount angle as stock. The offset GWS stick mount gives the prop an extra inch of clearance. The camera can be pointed nearly straight forward and the prop does not show in the photos or video. Please also note the extensive use of Gorilla Glue. GG has become a staple for my foam planes (no pun intended!!).