These are some pictures taken during flights around town. Several are pre-construction_1" value="Reconstruction, reconstruction, reconstructions, deconstruction, reconstructing, Reconstruction's, construction, reconstruction's" /> or are pre or post major work being done in and around the City of Barstow.

These are thumbnails of the images so don't forget to "click" on them to see the picture in larger size and more detail.

Air view of Buena Vista BEFORE repaving.


Buena Vista AFTER re-paving.


Top view of Mountain View Street near the city council, BPD, CHP, Sheriff, and court house.

Top view of the City Council, BPD, CHP, and Sheriff's offices. Also the extended view of Mountain View east of Barstow road.


Slightly closer view of the City Council chambers as well as Barstow Police Department.


View of the Sheriff's Office as well as the County Court complex.


View of the CHP offices as well as Barstow road and Mountain View intersection. Note the "water tank" in the picture as this is a "pre" reconstruction photo of that area as construction is currently under way at that location.


Located north of the Sheriff's Office and court complex is the US Post Office.


Pre construction view.


Almost complete view.

Another photo of pre repaving from I-40 to Virginia Way and how bad it WAS!


BPR and home of Barstow's most coveted place - Mrs. Loretta Carruthers pre-school "TOT TIME". Most every one of her "students" excel in their studies and graduate not only High School but College as well!!


L street and I-40 is Barstow's' Home Depot.


Barstow Veterans Home.


"H" street looking west at Rimrock

"H" street looking south from Rimrock

Rimrock and "H" intersection




Barstow Fire Department. Note also the Barstow Park and Recreation parking lot previous to being repaved.


View of the BFD looking north.


Top view of the BFD.


Barstow City Maintenance Yard.


Barstow Unified School District Offices.


Main Street looking west from Soutar's.("A" Street).


The corner of Mountain View and Barstow road. Very busy intersection.



The following are pictures taken September 15, 2009 of "H" Street previous to it's proposed repaving. I attempted to get all of the street from Main up to and above Rimrock.




Looking north along "H" Street from the Heights Park.


Still proceeding north along "H" Street.


Gusty conditions caused the plane to veer but still going north along "H".


"H"Street goes under the I-15 overpass just out of frame. Note the small"building" on the west side of the street was my "pivot" point for this series.


Pivot and return from the freeway looking SOUTH now along "H" Street from I-15.


Darn wind gusts!


Almost out of frame due to winds but still looking south along "H" Street.


Finally looking south along "H" Street to Rimrock.




Now from I-15 north to Main Street along "H" Street.


Main and "H" Streets.

Fogleson Park entrance.

Now looking South along "H" Street at the Middle School.

BUSD offices and soccer field parking lot.

Barstow City Maintenance facility.

I-15 and "H" Street.

"H" Street just south of the I-15.

Here is that little building again!

That's all of "H" Street!!

Barstow Community Hospital

Stringham Field